Professional Licensure Defense

Professional Licensure Defense

In any disciplinary proceeding, preserving our client’s professional license is our utmost priority and plays an important role in how we respond to any disciplinary or ethical complaint that has been filed. We counsel professionals with regard to navigating disciplinary complaints or grievance investigations and managing adverse findings by state boards or disciplinary committees.

CMW’s experienced defense lawyers have represented a broad array of professionals in different industries, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Design and construction professionals, including architects, engineers and surveyors
  • Accountants, financial advisors, securities brokers
  • Fiduciaries and trustees
  • Physicians and other health care staff, as well as administrators
  • Agents, brokers, and inspectors in the real estate sector

Depending on the situation, we involve lawyers within the firm whose professional backgrounds and specific knowledge would enhance our defense team.