Real Estate Professionals Defense (Agents, Home Inspectors, Surveyors)

Real Estate Professionals Defense (Agents, Home Inspectors, Surveyors)

The sale and transfer of real property from one party to another is challenging for the professionals who are essential to such transactions. These agents, inspectors and surveyors face responsibilities that require vigilance for potential legal risk, such as:  

  • Writing engagement letters then drafting and negotiating contracts with owners and consultants 
  • Handling bidding issues 
  • Overseeing inspections and handling issues that threaten to sideline the sale 
  • Labor and employment issues, such as negotiating terminations 
  • Defending claims arising from alleged violations 

In transactions involving the sale of residential or commercial property, emotions can run high, and the professionals involved can be blamed for issues that are beyond their control. We have found, though, that risks can be managed, and legal issues must be resolved. Our lawyers have the experience required to assist you in managing all of the situations you face. We represent clients who are facing issues that include:  

  • Disciplinary administrative hearings for alleged ethics violations 
  • Investigations 
  • License Suspension or Revocation 
  • Malpractice or malfeasance 
  • Probation 

Our professional clients rely on their licenses for their livelihoods. In any malpractice defense case, protecting our client’s professional license is an extremely high priority and plays an important role in how we respond to any civil lawsuit that has been filed. We are also sensitive to the importance of working with both defendants and their insurance carriers in cases involving malpractice insurance. We take the time to understand each client’s unique situation and to work out a plan that is personally tailored to each client’s needs. We bring the experience and professionalism that our clients and their insurers need.