Attorney Grievance Defense

Attorney Grievance Defense

An attorney facing a State Bar of Texas disciplinary complaint confronts both a threat to the lawyer’s livelihood and potential damage to the lawyer’s professional reputation. In any attorney disciplinary engagement, our utmost priority is preserving our client’s ability to practice law. Our work is also aimed at protecting our client’s hard-won reputation. We know the possible repercussions that lawyers may face following a grievance complaint, and how to mitigate against the possible imposition of sanctions that can result from a disciplinary proceeding. CMW’s lawyers are able to help you with:

  • Responding to grievance complaints 
  • Navigating a disciplinary matter after a Just Cause determination 
  • Representation in attorney disciplinary actions, whether in an Investigatory Hearing, before an Evidentiary Panel, or in District Court 
  • Resolution of grievance and disciplinary matters, limiting the imposition of sanctions against the attorney 
  • Addressing alleged disciplinary rule violations asserted in state and federal court proceedings as part of sanctions motions 

Our defense team approaches these situations with discretion, sensitivity and a commitment to protecting the attorney from the possible consequences of a grievance complaint. We have also found that if we are retained at the outset of a grievance proceeding, before a Just Cause determination by the State Bar, we have improved ability to resolve the matter favorably for our attorney client. 

Our clients have included large and mid-size firms, as well as many solo practitioners. We counsel firms navigating ethics or practice-related questions, and have provided front-end risk management 

 We are also pleased to provide consultation and compliance advice to reduce the future risk of ethics and disciplinary complaints. Our lawyers are active members of various bar association committees that address the ever-increasing exposure faced by the legal profession. We are also active in presenting Continuing Legal Education seminars on the disciplinary process and best practices for grievance avoidance.