Trucking & Automobile Defense

Trucking & Automobile Defense

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending owners and operators in trucking and auto accident litigation throughout Texas, with a particular focus on catastrophic commercial truck accidents. This practice requires a thorough understanding of the complex and ever-changing regulatory structure that governs the transportation industry on a local, regional, and national basis.  

Our veteran defense team has represented:  

  • Bus companies and auto manufacturers 
  • Commercial motor carriers 
  • Common carriers 
  • Owner-operators 
  • Fleets 
  • Freight forwarders and brokers 
  • Logistic providers 
  • Overnight and expedited shipping companies 
  • Towing companies 


CMW attorneys conduct prompt investigations and assemble the necessary engineers, investigators, technicians, and other experts to evaluate the potential liability exposure for physical injuries and other damages. We pride ourselves on assembling lean and aggressive trial teams to efficiently and effectively defend against small claims, as well as take on high-stakes, multi-million-dollar cases.    

Regardless of the scope, we are committed to working within the guidelines of auto and trucking insurance carriers, while also representing motor carriers and self-insured parties of all types.