Accountant Defense

Accountant Defense

CMW routinely defends accounting firms and CPAs being sued or subject to disciplinary actions. In any such engagement, we are fully aware of the threat to our client’s livelihood and the reputational risks. Preserving our client’s ability to practice is our utmost priority. We know the possible repercussions that you may face following a complaint or ethics inquiry and how to effectively respond to the possible imposition of sanctions that can result from a disciplinary proceeding.  

Our attorneys are able to help you with:

  • Defending against an accounting malpractice lawsuit 
  • Subpoena compliance  
  • Responding to complaints and peer review processes 
  • Ethics inquiries, investigations, and disciplinary proceedings by the State Board of Public Accountancy, the Texas Society of CPAs, the AICPA, and the PCAOB, as well as proceedings before the State Office of Administrative Hearings and other governmental agencies.  
  • Administrative tax professional responsibility hearings, including before the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) of the IRS 
  • Threat of investigation by the IRS, OPR, Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, or the local district attorney’s office 
  • Licensing and compliance 
  • Ethical issues and risk management  

Accountants and CPAs are asked by clients to provide a broader range of services than ever before and at an increasingly sophisticated level, with ever-changing laws, regulations, and professional standards. While the diversification and expansion of services offered by accountants and CPAs present enhanced business opportunities, there is also an increased risk of liability. It has been our experience that many complaints arise from a relationship between an accounting firm and a client that has irrevocably deteriorated, especially when a client tries to avoid responsibility for their own actions or deceptions.   

In such instances, our defense team approaches the situation with discretion, sensitivity and commitment to protecting our client from the possible consequences of a malpractice suit, as well as an ethics investigation and disciplinary proceeding. We have found that if we are retained at the outset, our ability to have the matter resolved favorably for our clients greatly improves. We are also experienced and sensitive to the importance of working with defendants and their insurance carriers in cases involving malpractice insurance and subpoena compliance matters.