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Passion. Expertise. Value.

The attorneys at Cobb Martinez Woodward are 100% focused on litigation, and acknowledged by their peers to be among the very best trial lawyers in Texas. We provide professionals and businesses with great clarity and a value-driven strategy, no matter how complex the circumstances.

  •  Stacy Hoffman Bruce

    Stacy Hoffman Bruce

    Clients turn to Stacy with employment issues, professional liability claims, premises liability claims and product liability claims.

  •  William D. Cobb Jr.

    William D. Cobb Jr.

    Founding Member Bill is known for his defense of professionals, particularly in the fields of law, insurance, real estate and securities brokerage.

  •  Lindsey Rattikin Comstock

    Lindsey Rattikin Comstock

    Lindsey represents professionals and businesses in a wide array of legal matters in Texas state and federal courts.

  •  Virginia Cox

    Virginia Cox

    Virginia represents professionals and businesses in Texas state and federal courts.  

  •  Michelle Daniel

    Michelle Daniel

    Michelle is known for her outstanding research, writing and advocacy skills. Her practice is primarily devoted to appellate law and trial support, specializing in complex motions and briefing. 

  •  Katherine Elrich

    Katherine Elrich

    Katherine’s abilities as an appellate lawyer are enriched from her years in trial practice and her first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced in litigation.

  •  Hannah Hansen

    Hannah Hansen

    Hannah's practice focuses on representing professionals, employers, and businesses in state and federal courts.

  •  Larry W. Johnson

    Larry W. Johnson

    Larry represents professionals in defense of claims before Texas state and federal courts.

  •  Jonathan C. LaMendola

    Jonathan C. LaMendola

    Jonathan is a seasoned litigator with broad experience representing healthcare clients in malpractice, general liability and compliance matters.

  •  Matthew E. Last

    Matthew E. Last

    Matt defends businesses and professionals in the legal, insurance, real estate, financial and medical sectors, among others.

  •  Ramona Martinez

    Ramona Martinez

    Ramona was one of the founding members of Cobb Martinez Woodward PLLC.  After practicing law for 30 years, Ramona retired at the end of 2020.  

  •  Jeffrey I. Nicodemus

    Jeffrey I. Nicodemus

    Jeff devotes his practice to professional liability defense, commercial litigation, products liability and general tort litigation.

  •  Daniel A. Ortega

    Daniel A. Ortega

    Daniel focuses on his client’s business objective and goals and strives to achieve the best result for his client. 

  •  Carrie Johnson Phaneuf

    Carrie Johnson Phaneuf

    Carrie devotes her practice to defending professionals in litigation and disciplinary proceedings.

  •  Bevan Rhine

    Bevan Rhine

    Bevan approaches each engagement with a focus on her client’s goals.

  •  Justin H. Roy

    Justin H. Roy

    Justin is an experienced litigator who utilizes his broad experience and advocacy to find sound solutions for his clients.

  •  Jennifer Smiley

    Jennifer Smiley

    Jennifer represents lawyers, engineers, and other professionals and businesses in state and federal court.

  •  Michael C. Smith

    Michael C. Smith

    Mike focuses his practice on professional liability defense, premises liability, commercial litigation, and general tort litigation.

  •  Daniel D. Tostrud

    Daniel D. Tostrud

    Dan has over two decades’ experience defending malpractice claims, resolving fee disputes, and guiding his clients through administrative proceedings.

  •  Andrew S. Willard

    Andrew S. Willard

    Andrew’s ability to achieve the most desirable outcomes for his clients and his enthusiasm for the practice of law have made him a successful litigator.

  •  David R. Woodward

    David R. Woodward

    David was one of the original founders of Cobb Martinez Woodward PLLC.  After practicing law for over 30 years, David retired February 1, 2021. 

  •  Lindsey K. Wyrick

    Lindsey K. Wyrick

    Lindsey represents a variety of professionals, including lawyers, financial professionals, and architects and engineers, in all aspects of litigation and administrative proceedings.