Legal Malpractice Defense

Legal Malpractice Defense

We are experienced advocates and advisors for lawyers both in and out of the courtroom. Our defense team approaches each legal malpractice case focused on defending the questioned attorney conduct. Even when an attorney has made a misstep, we can often demonstrate that the former client’s alleged injury is not causally related to the legal representation. When appropriate, we pursue dismissal of lawyer liability claims through dispositive motions. We also are alert to early resolution strategies, such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), consistent with our clients’ objectives. From the outset, we position the case for trial in the event early resolution of the case is not achievable. We are seasoned trial lawyers with proven results for our lawyer clients.

Suits initiated by attorneys to collect unpaid fees are particularly sensitive, and often result in counterclaims alleging legal malpractice. We have been successful in pursuing resolution of  fee claims through a review of the quality of service provided, the results obtained and the total fees outstanding, or resolving the dispute promptly through confidential arbitration where permitted under a fee agreement. Our goal is to reach early resolution and avoid extended litigation when possible.

In addition to cases against attorneys brought by former clients, we defend lawyers in claims levied against them by third parties. 

We also provide risk management advice and services. We counsel firms in addressing ethical or practice-related questions. We know and can assist with the complex ethics issues attorneys face, including issues related to engagement agreements, conflicts of interest, client communication, and withdrawal from representation.  

Our clients range from large law firms to solo practitioners. We have experience with and understand the importance of working with both defendants and their insurance carriers in cases involving malpractice insurance. We are sought out and approved by many major professional liability insurance carriers as defense counsel for their lawyer insureds.