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Practice Areas

Trucking & Automobile Defense

CMW’s attorneys have extensive experience defending owners and operators in truck and auto accident claims and lawsuits throughout Texas, with a particular focus on catastrophic commercial truck accidents. We defend lawsuits and claims involving, catastrophic injury, personal injury, wrongful death and property loss, on a local, regional and national basis. Our practice is based upon an understanding of the complex and ever changing regulatory structure which governs the transportation industry.  We have broad experience representing:
  • Bus companies and auto manufacturers
  • Commercial motor carriers
  • Common carriers
  • Owner-operators
  • Fleets
  • Freight forwarders and brokers
  • Logistic providers
  • Overnight and expedited shipping companies
  • Towing companies

Our firm conducts prompt investigations and, if necessary, assembles a team of engineers, investigators and technicians in order to evaluate our clients' potential exposure to liability for plaintiffs' injuries and damages. We pride ourselves on assembling lean and aggressive trial teams to economically defend against small claims as well as handle high-stakes, multi-million dollar cases.  As seasoned defense lawyers, we work closely with clients and insurance claims professionals to tailor our representation to each party's needs.

We are accustomed to vigorously defending our clients against claims for accidents while working within the budgetary and billing guidelines of auto and trucking insurance carriers. While most claims involve insurance coverage, we also represent motor carriers and self-insured parties.

Focusing Particular Attention on Truck Accidents

Our firm has a particularly strong depth of experience in the area of trucking litigation. Our attorneys have been defending truck accident cases for over 20 years and are familiar with the impact of federal and state motor carrier safety regulations have on lawsuits.