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Construction Litigation

Most construction projects involve the participation and cooperation of multiple parties and organizations, and therefore disagreements and miscommunication are not unusual. When disputes are brought to us, our goal is always a reasoned settlement between parties in dispute. Our clients know we have the demonstrated experience to provide sophisticated representation in all aspects of construction law, including complex construction litigation.

Construction litigation tends to involve sophisticated issues, reams of highly technical documents, multiple parties, and complex indemnity relationships. CMW’s lawyers have a proven track record of success in litigating or resolving construction claims in Texas and federal trial and appellate courts, and before administrative and regulatory tribunals, and arbitration panels.

We represent contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, architects, fabricators, project engineers, property owners and developers in construction disputes. The breadth of projects we’ve been involved with is quite broad, including:
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Highways, bridges and other transportation infrastructure
  • Multifamily, military and university housing
  • Public utilities and power plants
  • Sports and recreation venues, convention facilities, and casinos
  • Water treatment, collection and distribution, and sanitary sewers
  • Waterways, irrigation, dredging and flood control

Our attorneys represent contractors, subcontractors, architects, design engineers, geotechnical engineers, and other construction companies and professionals in litigation over all types of construction disputes, including:
  • Construction defect defense: A substantial portion of our construction litigation practice is devoted to defending parties that have been sued for alleged construction defects such as floor defects, wall defects, window defects and soil subsidence.
  • Design defects and defective specifications: We defend parties that have been sued for alleged defects in design and documentation issues that result in system failures.
  • Construction injury defense: We also defend parties that have been accused of negligence in personal injury claims associated with construction accidents.
  • Construction contract disputes: We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes over the interpretation and enforcement of construction contracts. We are familiar with the complex provisions in many construction agreements.
  • Contract Execution disputes: We resolve disputes arising from delay, disruption, interference and loss of productivity on the site.